This page gives a guide to some of the flowers that bloom during the changing seasons

 November, December, January, February 

Scented narcissi, paperwhites, hyacinths, catkins, foliage, berries, heather.......


March, April 

Tulips, ranunculi, hellebores, anemones, daffodils, various blossom.....

May, June, July

lilac, ranunculus, alliums, lupins, aqueligia, sweetpeas,, alliums, orlaya, hesperis, sweet williams, peonies, nigella, cornflower, delphinium, ammi, daucus,, lunaria, poppy, astrantia, foxgloves, alchemilla mollis, tanacetum, rose, scabious, phlox, stocks, veronica, antirrhinum to name a few! 

August, September, October 

Cosmos, sunflowers, hydrangea, dahlias, chrysanthemums, zinnias, roses......

These are a guide only & not hard & fast rules - availability depends on  what local flower farmers have growing at any given time & of course the British Weather!

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