floristry with low carbon footprint
sustainable flowers & floristry
Locally grown flowers South Yorkshire


  • I use seasonal British Grown flowers & foliage when and wherever possible and run my flowering calendar to accommodate this.  The use of imported flowers is kept to a minimum, thereby reducing carbon footprint, very little air miles

  • I only order what I need from other growers, or the flowers from my own cutting garden are picked to order to avoid waste. The flowers are not refrigerated, saving energy

  • I use sustainable packaging. No plastic - biodegradable & recycled or recyclable paper is used to wrap flowers & paper kraft tape.  Flowers can be delivered in a recycled glass vase should you wish

  •  I use natural hessian or raffia for bows.  Raffia is a natural fibre. The fibre itself is created from the underside of the frond leaf.  Also known as raffia palm, it is native to Madagascar & possesses large plume-like leaves that are utilised within a variety of industries & is a major part of the south Asian economy

  •  I use dried flowers that have been dried naturally with no preservatives or dyes

  • I use organic methods in my own cutting garden or source from other growers that use organic methods. (no harmful chemicals, pesticides or fungicides)

  • Certain flowers in my cutting garden are left for pollinators & the seeds, where possible are saved

  • I create eco-friendly farewell tributes that will completely biodegrade and are suitable for natural burials

  • Delivery is limited to a 10 mile radius to reduce any carbon impact & I would like to reduce this by working on building a more local customer base

  • I donate 2% of sales each month to Tree Sisters, an organisation funding the restoration of environments, biodiversity and communities through reforestation projects and in the process, planting millions of trees.


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