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Caring for Your Flowers 

Fresh flowers have a natural cycle & individual habits, & the flowers I use are not treated with chemicals or pesticides therefore they are often fleeting, which for me adds to their beauty.  There are however a few steps you can take to ensure they last as long as possible.


As I don't deliver flowers in plastic bubbles for environmental reasons, the stems may have been out of water (excluding jam jar flowers) - I transport flower bouquets in water but if they have been collected by a customer I cannot guarantee they have kept them in water. 


It's really important when you get them to remove all the packaging (please reuse or recycle where possible - Kraft paper can be composted)  & recut the stems at an angle with sharp scissors, cutting around 2.5cm (1cm) off the bottom & put them into a clean vase with cool clean water so they can have a good drink.

The reason for re-cutting stems & not just placing into water is because the bottom of the stems form a seal when they are out of water, preventing them from being able to take up more water. 

Ensure all the leaves & foliage below the water line are removed (this creates bacteria which will shorten the life of your flowers).

Keep out of direct sunlight & away from radiators & draughts.  

Avoid keeping near fruit which naturally produces ethylene - an odourless gas that will shorten the life of your flowers. 

Check regularly for any dead or dying flowers & foliage that has fallen into the water & remove.  Change the water every couple of days & recut the stems.  

If you have tulips in your flowers & they are a little droopy, revive them by cutting the stems at an angle, removing lower leaves, placing in clean water & place the vase somewhere cool & dark overnight.  Tulips continue to grow after they have been cut & grow upwards towards the light.  They can become a little unruly so you can cut the stems regularly, or just enjoy their quirkiness.


Please note that all flowers, berries & foliage are for decorative purposes only & some can be harmful if consumed/ingested. Euphorbia exudes sap & can be an irritant to some people.  Take care when handling & wash your hands afterwards.

Some flowers may be suitable for drying, just hang a few stems upside down somewhere warm & dry.

Look at them often & enjoy! 

Please ask if you would like to purchase a vase or jug for your flowers to be delivered in.  I have a selection of eco vases & vintage containers for sale and am happy to send you a photo.  

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